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About Us


Millmont Leather was born out of a search for utility and design without compromising craftsmanship. When I couldn’t find wallets and technology accessories with streamlined designs in premium leather, I began making my own. Millmont pieces satisfy both modern daily needs and the desire for high quality workmanship. Without a question, fine saddle-stitched leather wins over mass-produced products any day. The fact that each Millmont item looks better with age is just a bonus.

My atelier is small and specialized so I can ensure every cut and stitch is right. Every Millmont piece is my own personal design and made by hand -- no factories, no mechanized lines, just artisan leather making using time-honored techniques. Whether you like quality for the sake of quality, or are troubled by overflowing landfills, having items that serve you gracefully for years just feels right. My goal is to give you the finest made products that perform and look great. Nothing endures and feels like high quality leather. For Millmont, modern does not have to be the opposite of traditional. In fact, it’s a beautiful thing when you can meld the two. I’d love to hear how you like and use our products.

With regards,

Jay Miller, Founder and Maker